Brownie WOW: Meeting 3

Meeting 3: Save Water (2 Hours)

Goal- By understanding the need to save water from over usage and pollution, the girls will work as a team to create a plan that allows them to advocate for water.

Materials Needed:

• Copies of the WOW! Girl’s Book

• WOW! Leader’s Guide

• WOW! Map

• Water Transportation Activity (see activity sheet)

• Pencils or Pens

• Markers

• Copies of pages 72-73 in Leader’s Guide
(one per girl)

• Planning work sheet
(see page 71 in Leader’s Guide)

1.    Introduction-Gather the girls in a Share Circle.

a.    The girls should have their report on how much water they used for a week with them. Ask them how they made out with their water drop conservation pledges. Have each girl share how much water they used in one week.

b.    Ask them if they were surprised at how much water they used. Ask them if they tried to conserve more each day after they realized how much they were using.

c.    Tell the girls that today they will begin creating a plan to advocate (speak up for) for water.

2.    Water Transportation-Have the girls read p. 49 in their Girl Book. Discuss the idea of having to put jugs of water on their head and transport it to their house every day.

3.    Water Transportation Activity-This outdoor activity will develop an appreciation of ourmodern devices that allows us to have water transported to our communities and homes. Itwill relate how easy access to water can encourage people to use large amounts of water.

4.    Brainstorming Solutions to Water Advocacy- Read pages 50-53 in the Girl’s Book with the girls. Discuss as a group or have the girls complete pages 54-55 in the Girl’s Book.  Steps 1, 2 & 3 only.

5.    Tell them it is time to come up with a team plan to help influence others to take care of our water. Read pages 56-59 in the Girl’s Book with them.

6.    Do the LOVE, SAVE, SHARE activity on pg. 69 in the Leader’s Guide with the girls.

7.    Do the Choosing a SAVE Project activity on pages 70-71 in the Leader’s Guide with the girls. Review page 74 in the Leader’s Guide before brainstorming with the girls on their plan.

8. Closing Ceremony- Use the ceremony found on page 70 in the Leader’s Guide.