Brownie WOW: Meeting 2

Meeting 2:  Love Water (2 Hours)

Goal- Through their appreciation of water, girls will consider what promises they will make to protect and conserve water in their home and in their community.

Materials Needed:

1.    Copies of the WOW! Girl’s Book

2.    WOW! Leader’s Guide

3.    WOW! Map

4.    Decoration Supplies for jars

a.    Markers

b.    Labels

c.    Stickers

5.    Water Droplets (pre-cut) pg. 50 Leaders’ Guide

6.    Pencils or pens

7.    Sample of Blue Planet Necklace

8.    Blue Planet Necklace Supplies

a.    Pony Beads

                                          i.    97 blue (per girl)

                                         ii.    2 white (per girl)

                                        iii.    1 green (per girl)

b.    Lanyard-enough for each girl to have a necklace and fit all 100 beads on it

9.    Glass filled with water

10.  Counting Every Drop- 7 copies per girl


1. Introduction- Gather the girls in a Share Circle. Have them bring their water they collected and give each girl an opportunity to share where they collected their water and what she liked about that water source. Ask the girls some specifics about the water such as “Is it freshwater or saltwater?” “Is it clean enough to drink?” “Were animals living in that water?”

•       Allow the girls some time to label their water containers with their name and place where the water came from. Next have them decorate the jar with stickers and markers.

•       Hang up the WOW! Map and ask the girls to add their favorite water source places to the map.

2. The Blue Planet Necklace- Explain to the girls that Earth is called the Blue Planet because so much of it is covered with water; However, only a very small amount of it is drinkable and useable by plants and animals. Read with the girls pages 24-25 in their Girl Book about the Blue Planet. Explain the difference between fresh water and salt water.

•       To demonstrate the percentages of fresh water, salt water and the percentage of fresh water we can actually utilize, show them your Blue Planet Necklace that you made ahead of time. It will have 97 blue beads, 2 white beads and 1 green bead on a piece of lanyard.

•       Explain that the100 beads represent all the water found on our earth. 97 of the beads are blue representing the oceans which are comprised of salt water. There are 2 white beads and 1 green bead representing all the fresh water on the earth. The 2 white beads represent the fresh water that is frozen on the continents. The green bead represents the drinkable water available on earth.

•       This shows that although there is a lot of water on our earth, very little of it is useable for us so we must conserve and protect what it available because as they learned in the first session, we don’t get any new water.

•       Allow the girls to make their own necklaces. Give them an opportunity to reiterate what each color represents so they understand the meaning of their Blue Planet Necklace.

3. Conserving Water- Read pages 26-28 in their Girl Book. Explain how important it is to conserve (save) water.

•       Ask them to list times they have seen water being wasted. Give them an example (leaving water running while brushing teeth, filling the bath tub too full, running the hose outside for no reason etc.)

o   Chart their responses on the chalkboard or on chart paper.

•       Part of our Girl Scout Law states that Girl Scouts should use resources wisely.

o   Explain that water is a natural resource. Review the list they created and ask them ways they could help use water more wisely. Have them write an idea for conserving water on page 29 in their Girl Book.

•       Read page 48 in the Girl Book with the girls to understand how much water we use.

•       Read pages 56-59 in the Girl Book to show ways people can conserve water.

4. Water Droplets-

•       Hand out four water droplets to each girl (template found on p. 59 in Leader’s Guide).

•       On two droplets ask them to write two ways they pledge to conserve water. (i.e. turn water off when brushing teeth, ask mom to turn water off and on when washing dishes, shower instead of taking a bath or only filling tub half full). Have them write the same two pledges on the other two droplets.

•       Have the girls attach two water droplets to the WOW! Map.

•       They promise as Girl Scouts to honor those two conservation pledges this coming week and see how long they can do it.

•       They will take the other two home to remind them of their promise.

5. Counting Every Drop-

•       Give each girl 7 copies of the Counting Every Drop activity sheet.

•       Explain to them how to use it at home for a week to monitor their water usage.

•       At the end of each day they should write down the amount of water used at the top of the sheet. At the end of the week they should add up all seven days to get their total usage.

•       For water used by the entire family they can have an adult help them by dividing that consumption number by the number in the household.

o   For example, a load of laundry uses about 40 gallons. If there are four people in the household they would divide it by 4 and their personal consumption would be 10 gallons.

6. Closing-

•       Bring a cup of water to the closing circle.

•       Have the girls carefully pass it around from one to another.

•       Remind them that fresh water is scarce and we won’t get any more new water on the earth so pass the cup very carefully and try not to spill any

  • As they pass it around have them chant:
  • Careful, careful with each drop!  There is no more, so waste must stop!

•       Let the girls know that at the next meeting they will, as a team, come up with an idea to protect Earth’s water. (Try to use the water in the cup for a plant or drink it instead of putting it down the drain!)