Brownie WOW: Meeting 1

Meeting 1: Love Water (2 Hours)

Goal- For the girls to share their enjoyable encounters with water and to understand and experience its importance in the world.

Materials Needed:

Copies of the WOW! Girl’s Book

  1. WOW! Leader’s Guide
  2. Butcher Paper
  3. Situation Cards (p.35)
  4. Masking Tape
  5. Glass of Water
  6. White Paper
  7. Photocopies of Letter to go home (p.31)
  8. Liquid tight container (one per girl)
  9. Watermelon slices
  10. Markers
  11. Water Bottle

1. Introduction-Gather the girls in a Share Circle. Explain to the girls they will be beginning a fabulous journey that is all about water. This journey has four Leadership Awards that they can earn as they venture along the journey’s path.

Ask them to share with the others their favorite water activity. Tell them to think of simple,

enjoyable uses of water like swimming, showering, ice skating, stomping in a puddle etc…Begin by mentioning your favorite.

2. Creating a WOW! Map- Put up the roll of butcher paper on a wall. Label it WOW! MAP.

Tell the girls that the Water of Wonders or WOW! Map will be used at each session during the journey. Today they are to write or draw their favorite water activity they had just shared with the group. They should include their name.

3. The Water Cycle- Show the girls a filled water bottle. Ask them how old they think the water in the bottle is? After several guesses, let them know that it is as old as the earth!

•       Ask them if we ever get new water? Tell them “no”. All the water gets recycled.

•       Read the story in the WOW! Girl Book on pages 6-22 to help them understand a water drop’s journey.

•       Show them a Water Cycle Chart or use the one in their book on page 15. Begin with a cloud and explain that it is filled with water droplets. Just like a sponge, when it gets too full, it releases the water droplets. They fall to the earth in form of rain, snow or sleet.

•       Ask them where does it go from there? Get them to understand it goes on mountains and flows down mountain streams which flow into lakes and then rivers and eventually all of it flows into the ocean. Water that hits the ground can also be absorbed into the ground where it will actually find an underground stream and eventually become part of a river that flows into an ocean. Or when it goes into the ground it can be absorbed by roots in trees, bushes and plants that use it for food. The plants release water into the air through their leaves. The droplets are so tiny you can’t see them with your eyes!

4. Water Around the World- Begin a discussion about how important water is to all the activities the girls listed on the WOW! Map.

•       Ask them how they would feel if there wasn’t enough water to do their activity? Ask them if they think all people around the world have all the water they need? Share with them that not all people have enough water to drink, to bathe and to use for crops.

•       Do the Situation activity in the Leader’s Guide on pages 44 & 45 to allow the girls to understand that water is not as readily available for all people around the world as it is for us.

5. Making Rainbows- Remind the girls of the Rainbow that Campbell, Alejandra and Jamila saw with the elf. Ask the girls if they have seen rainbows before. Ask them what was the weather like when they saw it? What did the elf tell the girls about rainbows and the weather?

•       Do the Making Rainbow Activity in the Leader’s Guide on page 46 & 47with the girls. Have the girls complete the colors of the rainbow in their Girl Book on page 11.

6. Snack- Bring Watermelon as their snack. As they eat it tell them that this is a good example of water filled food. It is 92% water. Show them a circle and color in all of it except 8% (approximately) to illustrate what 92% means. You can share with them other fruits that have a lot of water in them (see Leader Guide on page 49). Explain to them that they will learn other fun facts during their journey through WOW!

7. Closing-

•       Give each girl a liquid tight container and ask the girls to bring their favorite water with them for the next meeting (see Send it Home- My Favorite Water on page 48 in the Leader’s Guide).

•       Send home the letter to the parents/guardians (page 50 in the Leader’s Guide or create one of your own).

•       Form a closing circle and ask the girls one thing they learned today. Go around the circle so everyone gets a chance. Ask them if water is important to them and do they enjoy water.

•       Tell them they will learn even more in their next meeting.