The Brownie Ring

 #15 The Brownie Ring




The Brownie Ring is the form of “troop government” for Brownies. When the girls are assembled into the Brownie Ring, they are ready for announcements, troop discussions, decision-making, or any other business the troop has at hand.  You do not need to do the Brownie Ring at every meeting, just when you have business to conduct.

Generally, the business portion of the meeting should be kept pretty short. Conventional wisdom is that children have about one minute of attention span per one year of age. That means that for Brownies you have about 7-8 minutes to finish this “sitting still” time.

Attention span vs. age 

View the Brownie Ring in action below

When it’s time to go into the Brownie Ring, the troop leader or assigned girl will begin singing this chant:

Round and round and round about,

take the hand of a Brownie Scout.

Here we are in the Brownie ring,

ready for most anything!

The “leader” takes the hand of a Brownie, who takes the hand of another Brownie, until the whole group is holding hands, walking around the room singing this chant.

The “leader” then moves into a circular shape to form the Brownie Ring

When a girl wants to speak in the Brownie Ring, she will give the Girl Scout Sign and place it in front of her.