Brownie Quest: Meeting 4

Meeting 4:

Working Together


Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities:

  • Friendship Games (Page 16 of Brownie Quest Book)
  • Have the girls line up by the months they were born.
  • Have the girls line up alphabetically.
  • Also try doing game without talking. i.e. have girls line up by their age
  • What Could Make This Neighborhood Better (page 62 of Brownie Quest Book)
  • In a Brownie Circle, ask the girls these questions and write on newsprint:

• Nana Gina is a grandmother. She can walk well, but she can’t drive anymore. She likes to live close to a doctor’s office and a supermarket. Nana Gina needs a neighbor to ____________________________________.

• Hector and his mother area deaf, but his sister and father can hear. Hector wants to be just like other kids and ride his bike and play ball outside. Hector could play outside if ____________________________________.

• Marsha uses a wheelchair to get around her house and neighborhood. She always looks happy and likes to be as active as she can. Marsha might like a visitor because ____________________________________.

• Shawn lost his sight when he was a baby. He is 16 now. He has a seeing-eye dog names Charlie. He lives with his mom and aunt. When Shawn wants to go to a new place, he needs ____________________________________.

What can a community offer to make each person’s life easier and safer? For example, what could a community have so that Shawn can walk about his neighborhood safely? Some answers – smooth sidewalks, beeping stop signs so that he can hear at every corner, Braille on signs so he can read them.

Ask girls, “Does your community have these things? What would happen if Marsha needed to get into a building that had steps in front?”

Remind girls that we learned about “The Case of the Broken Sidewalk” last week, and what the class did to help. Ask girls to think about what they can do to help their community.


Brownie Smile Song (page 67 of Brownie Quest Book)

I’ve something in my pocket.

It belongs across my face.

And I keep it very close at hand

In a most convenient place.

I’m sure you couldn’t guess it

If you guess a long, long while

So I’ll take it out and put it on –

It’s a great big Brownie Smile!

Refreshments – Girl Scout Gorp

Present Certificates, and healthy recipes for family

Closing – Friendship Circle and good-bye.


  1. Brownie Quest Journey Book
  2. Brownie Quest Leader Guide
  3. See Girl Scout Gorp (make sure to use only enough as needed, seal and return remainder)
  4. Zip lock bags
  5. For Neighborhood Better – printed out scenarios with blank paper underneath for writing
  6. Markers
  7. Healthy Snack Sheets to try with their families