Brownie Quest: Meeting 2

Brownie Quest Journey Program

Meeting 2:

Teams and Working Together


Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities: (pages 60 – 61 of Leader Book)

Discovering Me (page 49 of Brownie Quest book)

• Have girls complete the blanks on their Discovering Me stars.

• Have girls cut out star and glue on popsicle stick.

• (Make sure they write their name on back of star. You will bring home completed craft and bring back to next meeting.)

Games: (make sure to ask questions after end of both games)

Loop and Hoop (page 60 of Leader Book)

Girls must move the hula hoop from player to player without letting go of each others’ hands.

• Girls stand in a circle, holding hands.

• Hang hula hoop over one player.

• While holding hands, players pass the hula hoop completely around the circle without letting it touch the ground.

• Variation: For large groups, use two hula hoops starting side by side, but going in different directions. The game ends when the two hula hoops meet.

Pass the Ball Please (page 62 of Leader Book)

Girls try to pass the ball from one of the line to another without using their hands or letting the ball touch the ground.

• Girls sit on the floor in a line with their legs straight out.

• Place ball between ankles of first girl who passes it to the next girl without touching it.

• If the ball touches the ground, the team must begin again.

Closing – Friendship Circle


  1. Brownie Quest Journey Book
  2. Brownie Quest Leader Guide
  3. Do It By Hand Game Sheet
  4. Hula Hoops
  5. Discovering Me Star Sheets
  6. Scissors
  7. Glue
  8. Popsicle Sticks