Brownie Quest: Meeting 1

Meeting 1:


• Ask, “Does anyone know anything about Girl Scouts?”

• Introduce Girl Scout Girl Scout Sign and Quite Sign

• Introduce Girl Scout Handshake

• Girl Scout Promise (see page 37 of Leader Guide. “The Girl Scout Promise is the way Girl Scouts agree to act towards one another and other people.”

• Girl Scout Law – The Girl Scout Law shows you all the good ways that Girl Scouts try to treat one another in the world. Use poster to introduce Flower Characters and what they represent.

• Juliette Low Action Game


Ball Toss (page 46 of Leader Guide)

• Have girls stand in a circle and explain that when we stand in a Brownie Circle, we are making connections with millions of girls all over the world who are standing in a Brownie Circle just like us – and you are part of an amazing sisterhood!

• Ask girls to think about all of the skills and talents that each of us has.

• Hold the ball in your hands and say, “I’ll start. My name is ____________ and I have a pretty singing voice (a talent or skill you have), so I love to sing whenever I can.

• Gently toss the ball to a girl and ask her to give her name and a skill or talent she has.

Main Activities: Elf Scavenger Hunt - Explore, Link Arms and Fly Into Action (see pages 47-49 of Leader Guide)

• ELF: Girl Scout Law – Girls learn about the Elf Scavenger Hunt to discover the Girl Scout Law. Tape parts of the Law around the room for the girls to find. Depending on number of girls, divide girls into groups of 2 or 3. If there are fewer girls, they may need to find more than one part of the Law.

• Tell the girls that there are clues around the room to finding the Girl Scout Law. Tell the girls that the parts of the Girl Scout Law are on pieces of green paper.

• Tell the girls that there is an important tradition for Girl Scout Brownies – ELF.

• ELF means: Explore, Link Arms, Fly into Action

• Explain to the girls that they need to “go ELF” to find the clues. They must listen to the instructions, link arms and fly into action.

• Give pairs/groups of linked girls instructions like: skip around the room with your arms linked while you search, hop around and hop while picking up clue, flap arms that aren’t linked and pretend to fly to clue

• When all clues are found, girls may unlink and return to Brownie Circle.

• Say, “Now I’m going to call on you based on the clue number you found. Will (group) number 1 come forward? Will (group) number 2 comes forward and link arms with (group) number 1?” Etc.

• Say, “Number 1, please read your clue aloud. Number 2.” (through 10)

• Say, “What do all these clues add up to?” Prompt if girls don’t answer, “The Girl Scout Law!”

• Say, “Each line of the Girl Scout Law represents a value – something we believe is important and that we try to live by. Our values are part of what makes up special – just like all of the talents and qualities you shared in the Brownie Circle today.”

Closing – Friendship Circle (briefly discuss the activities they did during this meeting, and givea hint of what they will be doing next week)


  1. Brownie Quest Journey Book
  2. Brownie Quest Leader Guide
  3. Printed Parts of the Girl Scout Law
  4. Masking Tape