Brownie Opening and Closing Ceremonies

 #12 Brownie Opening and Closing Ceremonies



Girl Scout meetings should have an opening and closing. They provide a frame in which to work. An opening signals to the girls that the meeting has begun and it is time to get down to business. The closing allows the girls a special moment to end the meeting and say goodbye. Both ceremonies are usually very short and simple. They will mean more if they are made up by the troop and varied from meeting to meeting.

When using your Brownie Journey Books, each session has a suggested opening and closing that goes along with the theme of that session. Traditional Girl Scout troops open by saying the Girl Scout Promise and doing a simple flag ceremony and close with the friendship circle and sing taps.

Girl Scout Friendship Circle: Girls stand in a circle.  Each girl crosses her right hand over her left.  Then she holds hands with the person standing on either side of her.


Girl Scout Friendship Squeeze: One person in the friendship circle starts the friendship squeeze. (Good time to use the “Do It-Did It” to determine who gets to start the squeeze!) When you feel your hand squeezed, you put your right foot into the circle and then squeeze the hand on the other side of you.  Everyone is silent as the friendship squeeze is passed around the circle.  It stands for friendship with Girl Scouts everywhere.  Once everyone has felt the squeeze everyone says:  "Goodnight Girl Scouts!" and turns to the right under their right arms never letting go hands until you are facing out.