Brownie Investiture Ceremony

 #14 Brownie Investiture Ceremony




An investiture ceremony symbolizes the beginning of Girl Scouting. At this ceremony, families are invited to observe girls pledge the Girl Scout Promise and receive their Brownie Girl Scout Pin as well as the World Trefoil Pin. A Girl Scout Brownie often wears her uniform for the first time at the investiture ceremony. The Girl Scout tradition is that the Brownie Pin is pinned UPSIDE DOWN during the ceremony. BEFORE the girl can wear the pin RIGHT SIDE UP, she has to do a good deed. Here is a sample investiture ceremony but remember you and the girls can plan your ceremony any way you want!

You can go on the internet and find lots of ideas to make your ceremony special.  Here is the traditional Brownie Investiture Ceremony: 

Brownies are outside the room (or off to the side) with one adult.

Girls knock on the door (or pretend door).

Leader calls “Who is there?”

Girls answer “Little girls.”

Leader asks “What do you want?”

Girls answer, “We want to be Brownies.”

Leader: “Why?”

Each girl gives her reason, e.g. “I want to make new friends”, “I want to go camping”, “I want to learn new things”, “I want to make things”.

Leader turns to the others in the room and says “Shall we let them in?” The audience answers YES!

The girls come in and form a semi-circle around a mirror on the floor (which could be encircled in something green to give the appearance of a pool of water.)

Everyone Says:

“Cross your little fingers, stand up on your toes.

That’s a bit of magic, every Brownie knows.

Now we all are standing in a forest glade.

Listen very carefully, see the magic made!”

Leader takes each girl and turns her by the shoulders, saying:

“Twist me and turn me and show me the elf. I look in the water and saw . . . “

The Brownie looks into the mirror and says “Myself”.

The leader pins on her pin. When all the Brownies have received their pins, say the Promise:

On my honor, I will try

To serve God and my country,

To help people at all times

And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Then the group says:

“Uncross your little fingers!

Down from up on your toes!

Then the magic goes away.

Everybody knows.”

You may also want to sing some appropriate song such as “Brownie Smile Song” or “Whene’er You Make a Promise.”

Note: Girls should be familiar with the Brownie Elf story found in the Brownie Handbook or online.

View a modern version of the Brownie Elf Story Below



View the Brownie Smile Song Below

Here are the insignia and awards your girls should receive during the investiture ceremony:

Girl Scout Brownie Pin

World Trefoil Pin