Bridging to Girl Scout Juniors

#23 Bridging to Girl Scout Juniors




When girls move to the next grade level in Girl Scouting, it is called bridging, and this event is usually celebrated by a bridging ceremony where girls walk across a real or imaginary bridge. Girls bridge, whether or not they earn the bridging award. Bridging to Juniors happens at the end of the second year of Girl Scout Brownies.

Earning the Award

To earn the Bridge to Junior Award, complete the two bridging steps. These steps will help you pass down something you learned as a Brownie Girl Scout and look forward to what’s waiting for you at the next level. After you have completed the bridging requirements, plan a ceremony to celebrate!


At the bridging ceremony, girls will receive

The Girl Scout Pin

If the requirements have been completed, the Bridge to Junior Award

All girls who were Brownies receive the Brownie Wings when they become Girl Scout Juniors

When Brownies “fly up” to Juniors, they have a poem that is used in the ceremony:


Brownies you are just about

To become a Junior Scout

In the troop you soon will find

Junior Scouts are true and kind.

So now I give you Brownie Wings

That you may fly to bigger things.

Now it’s time to say good-bye;

Break the ring and out you fly!

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