Bridging to Brownies

#22 Bridging to Brownies




When girls move to the next grade level in Girl Scouting, it is called bridging, and this event is usually celebrated by a bridging ceremony where girls walk across a real or imaginary bridge. Girls bridge, whether or not they earn the bridging award. Bridging to Brownies happens at the end of the second year of Girl Scout Daisies.

Earning the Award

To earn the Bridge to Brownie Award: 

  • . PASS IT ON.  Share you  talents and skills by teaching younger Girl Scouts something you learned to do as a Daisy. 
  •   LOOK AHEAD.  Spend time with some Brownies to learn about the fun and adventures Brownies can have!

Once your Daisies have completed the two steps for earning their award, you can plan a ceremony to celebrate moving from Daisies to Brownies!
Information about the Bridging Award can be found in the Daisy Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting handbook

At the bridging ceremony, girls will receive:


The Girl Scout Brownie Pin

If they have completed the requirements, Bridge to Brownie Award.


membership star with a blue background, indicating she has completed another year of Girl Scouts.


Click on the link below to read more about earning the Bridge to Brownie Award and Bridging ceremonies.