Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 8

Meeting 8: When the Flowers Meet the Trees

Goal: The Daisies choose a project idea, practice talking about it, and create visual tools for their project.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Paper and Crayons
  2. Construction Paper
  3. Masking Tape
  4. Poster Board or any materials needed for Clover project


  • Invite the girls to add new ideas to their team journey poster.

 Opening Ceremony: Favorite Trees (p. 84)

  • In their friendship circle, the girls will name their favorite trees.

 Activity: A Walk in Nature to Rub a Tree

  • Take the girls outside where they can find trees to make bark rubbings. This is also a good opportunity to plan a field trip to a nature preserve or garden where the girls would find a variety of trees to use.

Getting Ready for the Clover Project

  • Based on the ideas from the previous session, decide with the girls what they will be doing for their clover project.
  • Brainstorm with the girls about things they will need, or things they will need to create, for their Clover project.

Optional Activity: Creative Project Messages

  • The girls can create posters or flyers related to their Clover project.
  • Encourage the girls to think of clear and to the point messages, and to keep their posters simple. You can work with them in creating their messages, and practicing their communication skills.

Closing Ceremony

“What We’re Doing and Why” (p. 87)