Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 6

Meeting 6: We Have special Skills and So Do Plants

Goal: The girls make use of their special skills and begin to understand the special skills of plants, too.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  2. Ingredients for “Cooking Up Some Color” activity (These items are fresh foods and will have to be purchased individually) (p. 76)
  3. Muffin Tins, brushes, paper
  4. Salt
  5. Bowl
  6. Bouncy ball
  7. Tablespoon
  8. Copy of page 77 in the adult guide,
  9. Firefly Awards, one for each girl

Optional Activity: Cooking Up Some Color (p. 76)

  • Create natural paints and invite the girls to paint scenes of their favorite places in nature, their favorite plants, or their favorite animals.

 Activity: Salt, Water, and You (p. 61, GIRLS BOOK)

  • The girls will be adding salt to water and seeing what objects float in the water at varying levels of salinity.

Closing Ceremony: Our Special Skills

  • Invite the girls to take turns using the special skill they tried out during today’s meeting, and write them on your copy of page 77.

 Give the girls their Firefly Award