Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 5

Meeting 5: Special Skills, and Textures, Too

Goal: Girls continue to explore their similarities and differences as they consider the skills they contribute to their Daisy group and gain an understanding of the diversity of textures in nature.

Supplies & Resources:

  1. Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  2. Stones and water for the Stone Light, Stone Bright activity
  3. Stones, different colors
  4. Bowl
  5. Old suitcase, briefcase, or other container the girls can decorate to hold their “skills”
  6. Seeds of varying shapes, sizes, and colors for the Seeds activity
  7. Copy of page 73 of the adult guide, “Daisies’ Skills for the Road”


  • Invite the girls to decorate the firefly suitcase that will hold their special skills

Opening Ceremony

  • The girls will learn how to say “Have a good trip” in Japanese, and then add this to their luggage tags/bookmarks

Science Time: Stone Light, Stone Bright

  • Refer to page 70 of the adult guide to find instructions for this activity and questions to lead a discussion about what the girls discover.

Activity: Seeds and Weeds

  • Bring a variety of seeds in different shapes and sizes for the girls to examine. Discuss why some seeds are shaped differently than others. You might ask questions such as:
    • Why do you think this seed has spikes on the outside? So that it can hold on to things and travel long distances.
    • Why do you think this seed has a puff on top? So that it can blow in the wind.
  • You might bring seeds from fruits, pinecones with seeds, dandelion seeds, un-popped popcorn, or flower seeds.

Activity: A Walk in Nature to Find shapes

Closing Ceremony: I Think Your Special Skill Is…

  • Form the same Daisy Circle you formed in the opening ceremony, and have each girl name the special skill she noticed in the girl seated to her left. (p. 73 handout)