Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 4

Meeting 4: Living the Law and So Many Seeds

Goal: The girls explore living the Girl Scout Law through favorite flower friends and expand their knowledge of seeds and how they travel as a step to understanding how vegetation can vary around the world.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  2. Seeds for the Science Time activity
  3. 2 sided decorative paper


  • Invite them to try the hidden pictures activity on page 21 of their book. (Answer key in notebook)

Opening Ceremony: Have a Good Trip(p. 63)

  • The girls will learn how to say “Have a great trip” in Chinese, and then add this to their luggage tags/bookmarks

Activity: So Many Seeds

  • This is another opportunity for you to invite a gardener or farmer to visit your meeting and speak with the girls. Your guest might even have interesting seeds to bring to the gathering. Use the resources at the end of this booklet to contact farmers in your area.

Activity: Making Butterflies

  • Follow directions on page 66 to make Origami Butterflies.

Closing Ceremony: My Favorite Flower’s Line of the Law

  • Talk about the girls’ names and what they mean, as the girls to share any stories they might know about how they got their names and what they mean to their families.