Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 3

Meeting 3: You, Me, How Different We Can Be

Goal: The girls continue to explore their feelings and how they can differ from one girl to another. They also explore the range of colors in nature.

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  2. Blue Bucket Awards, one for each girl
  3. Copy of the blue bucket on page 61 of the adult guide
  4. Droopy Plant(will need to be provided by volunteer)


  • Invite them to look through their books at the adventures they will be reading about in the next few meetings.
  • Pages 22 and 23 of the girls’ journey book have activities relating to the Girl Scout Promise, and the Girl Scout Law. Help the girls fill these pages out and discuss what it means to keep a promise and to be considerate and caring.

 Opening Ceremony: Have a Good Trip (p.57)

  • Let the girls share their drawings of feelings and invite them to explain why they drew each feeling the way they did.

Activity: How Plants Drink (p. 58)

  • Role Play: I’m Feeling This, You’re Feeling That! (p. 59)

Closing Ceremony: Blue Bucket Award (p. 59)

  • If possible, have parents come early to pick the girls up and be present for the ceremony.