Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 2

Meeting 2: The Road Trip Begins

Goal: Girls continue to explore what makes them unique as they start to consider the feelings of their sister Daisies and expand their knowledge of shapes in nature.

Supplies and Resources:

  • Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  • Materials for Create Your Own Car, see page 52 of the adult guide
  • Soil samples for The Sweet Smell of soil activity
  • Copy of the blue bucket on page 55 of the adult guide
  • Color poems, found at the end of this guide


Since this meeting focuses on colors, bring a variety of brightly colored fruits and vegetables, cut into Daisy sized pieces, for snack. You might also bring different flavored dips for the girls to try with their colorful snacks.


  • Invite them to flip through their books and find pictures they like.
  • Get started on the team journey poster, refer to pages 36 and 48 of the adult guide.

Opening Ceremony: Have a Great Trip and How Are You Feeling? (p. 51)

  • The girls will learn how to say “Have a great trip” in French, and then add this to their luggage tags/bookmarks.

Activity: Create Your Own Car (p. 52)

Role Play: How I Help My friends

  •  The girls will pair up and do some role playing. (p. 52)

Color Poems

  • Read the color poems out loud, or let the girls take turns reading them.

 Activity: A Walk in Nature to Find Colors (p. 53)

  • Before going outside, make a list of all the girls’ favorite colors.

Activity: The Sweet Smell of Soil

  • If possible, have a guest come and talk about different types of soil. This person can be a farmer, gardener, or just someone who loves the outdoors. (p. 53)

Closing Ceremony: I think you’re feeling…