Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 10

Meeting 10: On the Road to New Adventures

Goal: The Daisies celebrate all they’ve learned and done along the journey!

Supplies and Resources:

  1. Clover Awards, one for each girl


  • Remind them they have guests arriving, encourage them to greet their guests and take turns sharing details about their journey.

Opening Ceremony: It’s the Law! (p. 93)

Activity: Words and Deeds (p. 94)

 Awards Ceremony: Clover Award and Learning Petals (p. 94)

Celebrate with Shapes and Colors!

  • Celebrate the end of the journey by providing fruits and cheeses they can cut into different shapes with cookie cutters.
  • Allow time for the girls to sing songs, take a group photo, or even let the girls autograph each other’s Journey books.
  • At the end of the celebration, talk about some upcoming activities to get the girls excited about what’s happening next!

Color Poems


Orange is a carrot and the orange I eat

Orange are these bright new socks I wear upon my feet!



Black is the night and a witch's hat

Black is my Mom's hair and that witch's cat!



Yellow is a lemon and yellow is a star

Yellow is the sun In the sky so far



Blue is the ocean and blue are my eyes

Blue is the sky where the lonely eagle flies.


Red is an apple and red is a rose

Red is the color of my frozen, icy nose!



Green is the grass under both my feet.

And green is the broccoli my mother makes me eat!



Purple is a grape and purple is a plum

Purple is my favorite juice shall I get you some?



Brown is the mud and brown is the bear.

Brown is the color of my brother's hair.