Between Earth and Sky: Meeting 1

Meeting 1: Getting Ready for the Road

Goal: The girls begin to express their feelings and start to understand and experience the joys of travel, especially outdoors in nature.

Supplies and Resources:

  • Paper and crayons or markers, enough for all girls
  • Recycled cardboard or construction paper
  • Copies of the take home letters on pages 33-35 of the adult guide
  • Copy of page 49 of the adult guide Healthy snack


  • Invite them to look through their book and read the first few pages of the flower friends story.
  • Invite the girls to decorate the container you are using for the team’s blue bucket.

Opening Ceremony: Have a Good Trip!

  • In a circle the girls will create their luggage tags, which they will decorate throughout this journey.(p.43)

Role Play: How Do We Settle a Conflict?(p. 45)

  • Write their ideas on the copy you made of page 49 of the adult guide. (Blue Bucket)
  • Invite the girls to sit in a circle and discuss the principle of Leave No Trace. (p. 20)

Activity: Taking a Walk, Outdoors or In (p. 46 & 47)

  • If it is not possible to go out into nature, bring some of nature inside. Be sure to bring enough items for each girl, as the next activity requires them to have an item from nature.

Activity: Which One is Mine?

  • If you don’t have a Kaper Chart, invite one of the girls to help pass out the supplies for this activity.(p. 47)

Closing Ceremony: How We’re Feeling and a Friendship Squeeze