Agent of Change: Meeting 4

Meeting 4:

Opening: Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities:

Building Consensus (page 37 Agent of Change book; page 68 Leader book)

Talk about what consensus means - that everyone agrees enough to work together.

Ask, “Why is it important to reach a consensus?” (A team should agree on what they are doing as a group so that each team member feels invested. Each girl should feel that her point of view is important and being heard. This process ensure that no one’s viewpoint is ignored.)

Ask, “What kinds of team need to reach a consensus? (sports team, architects designing a house, people starting a new business venture)

Tell girls that they will be using a technique called “Fist-to-Five” to reach a consensus on the topic they chose earlier. Show and explain Fist-to-Five sheet (page 37 Agent of Change Book). Explain the rules: if anyone holds up fewer than three fingers, they are given the opportunity to state their objections, and the team then addresses their concerns. A team continues the Fist-to-Five process until it achieves consensus (a minimum of three fingers or higher for all team members) or decides it must move on to another issue.

Provide some sample issues:

  • What movie to see
  • What brand of soda is the best
  • What is the biggest threat to the environment

Teambuilding Activity/Game

Using Fist-to-Five, give the girls three choices of which activity/game to do and have them reach a consensus. They can only choose one activity.

• Order out of Chaos

• Shrinking Island

• Roll Playing

• Human Knot

Closing – Certificates. Refreshment.Friendship Circle and good-bye.


  1. Junior Agent of Change Leader Guide
  2. Junior Agent of Change book
  3. Blank paper
  4. Fist-to-Five Sheets
  5. Small Blanket or Piece of Tarp
  6. Activities/Games Sheet
  7. Soda
  8. Cookies
  9. Certificates