Agent of Change: Meeting 3

Meeting 3:

Opening: Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities: Community

Types of Communities:

Give a name of a group of animals and ask them if they can guess what kind of animal it is.

Gaggle – Geese

School – Fish

Blessing – Unicorn

Herd – Cattle, Horses, Sheep

Pride – Lion

Murder – Crows

Troop – Baboons

Colony – Ants

Flutter – Butterflies

Pack – Dogs, Wolves

Covey – Quail

Nest – Snakes

Swarm – Bees

Pod – Dolphins

Tower – Giraffes

Caravan – Camels

Barrel – Monkeys

Can you name any communities made of people. (hint: soccer team, club, church or temple, school, internet, city, table of friends at a lunchroom table)

Community Map (page 71 of Agent of Change book) – Have girls draw a map of all of the communities they belong to. They can draw and write their locations. Each girl should show how she is at the intersection of them all!

Change It Up! (page 72 of Agent of Change book)

  • Place pages on different tables with pens. Read out loud all of the different scenarios, and ask girls, “What would you do about…. Have girls go around and write their responses.


EDUCATION (What do younger kids need?)

ENVIRONMENT (How could you care for the natural world around you?)

FRIENDSHIP (Who might really need some friendship, no names)








Share responses with the group and allow girls to engage in conversation.


Hula Together – All girls stand straight line holding hands. Place the hula hoop on the arm of a girl at one end of the line. Without disconnecting hands, girls must make hula hoop travel fromone end to the other. Hint: They will need to get the hoop over their heads, slip through, feelover and onto next arm.

Closing - Friendship Circle


  1. Junior Agent of Change Leader Guide
  2. Junior Agent of Change book
  3. Hula Hoop
  4. Paper
  5. Change it Up! Sheets