Agent of Change: Meeting 2

Meeting 2:

(Note: Try to arrive a bit early to this meeting. You will need to set up an obstacle course for “Trust Me!”)

Opening: Girl Scout Sign, Promise and Law

Main Activities:

What Makes a Good Leader (page 34 of Agent of Change book)

Trust Me – (page 58 of Leader Book)

Tell the girls that they will need to use trust and teamwork in running an obstacle course. Let them know that you will be blindfolding one person on their team as they make their way through the course as the rest of the team members call out directions.

• Split girls up into even numbered teams of 4-5 girls.

• Remind the girls about what they considered to be a good leader from previous activity.

• Blindfold one girl and have fellow teammates call our directions to get her safely through obstacle.

• Have girls take turns.

• Afterwards, ask questions:

1. What makes the director givers’ job hard?

2. What happens if the direction givers can’t imagine what it’s like to be the one wearing the blindfold – the one who has to follow the directions? What is that important?

3. How do the two work together?

• Ask girls to quickly go back to the What Makes a Good Leader sheets to see if any additional items need to be checked or added?

Think About It! (on back of What Makes a Good Leader sheets)

  • On the back of their What Makes a Good Leader sheets, have girls turn over their sheets and ask question on back, “What leadership role do you play on the teams in your life – in Girl Scouts, in your family, in your neighborhood, in your school?”

The Real Me (page 24 from Junior Agent of Change book)

  • Tell the girls: To be a leader, you have to know yourself. But how well do others know you? Play this game to find out.

Read instructions to girls:

Think of something true, something false, and something you wish for. In secret, write each item on a card with the correct “True,” “False,” or “Wish” labeled on the back. Keep your cards hidden and get out your best poker face. Then gather in a circle and have each girl say one thing about herself. The rest of you have to decide whether it’s true, false, or a wish by holding up an index card that says either True, False or Wish. When everyone has shown their answer, you reveal the real answer.

Option: If the girls already know each other well, try a wishing session. Have girls make wish cards by writing down 10 wishes. Share them. Do any of you share the same wish?

Closing - Friendship Circle


  1. Junior Agent of Change Leader Guide
  2. Junior Agent of Change book
  3. What Makes a Good Leader Sheet
  4. Dry Erase Markers
  5. Blindfolds
  6. Obstacles i.e. hula hoop, chairs, balls, blocks, books
  7. Index Cards