Agent of Change: Meeting 1

Meeting 1:


Form a circle. Each girl takes a turn saying their name, grade and their favorite thing to do.

Opening :

• Ask, “Does anyone know anything about Girl Scouts?”

• Introduce Girl Scout Girl Scout Sign and Quite Sign

• Introduce Girl Scout Handshake

• Girl Scout Promise (“The Girl Scout Promise is the way Girl Scouts agree to act towards one another and other people.”)

• Girl Scout Law – The Girl Scout Law shows you all the good ways that Girl Scouts try to treat one another in the world.

Main Activity:

The Power of One (page 10 of Agent of Change book)

  • Ever do something you were proud of? Aced a homework assignment? Pitched in on a family project? Let a worried friend talk your ear off? Made mud pies with your little brother? Or just dealt with crazy stuff? Everyone has a special blend of qualities. Good at math, smart with Spanish, sports whiz, rock drummer, artist. The list is endless. And you use these qualities all the time, even when just walking or talking or thinking.
  • It takes strength, skill, know-how, patience, and all sorts of qualities to do something you can be proud of.
  • Have girls complete “Think About It!” Sheet.

What Makes Me Me? (page 48 of Leader Guide)

  • Hand out colored paper and have girls draw themselves in the middle of the page.
  • Have girls either write words or cut out words/pictures from magazine that represent themselves. If there is enough time, and they want to share, ask girls to share their self portrait.


Chair Switch – Have girls put their chairs in a circle and everyone sits down. The leader stands in the middle of the circle and says a statement about herself. “I like Girl Scout cookies” or “I have brown hair” or “I have two sisters”. If any of the girls sitting down are like that, they must get up and move to a different chair that is not directly next to the one they are sitting in. The person in the middle who said the statement always has to find a seat. The one person left standing then makes the next statement, and so on. Remind the girls that the point of the game is not to be left standing in the middle, and if you have already had a turn in the middle, you need to find a seat. Try to make it so everyone has a turn in the middle.

Closing – Friendship Circle (briefly discuss the activities they did during this meeting, and give a hint of what they will be doing next week)


  1. Junior Agent of Change Leader Guide
  2. Junior Agent of Change book
  3. Think About It Sheets
  4. Colored paper
  5. Markers
  6. Magazines
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue