Age Appropriate Activities-Brownies

 #19 Brownie Troop Meeting Program (continued)



Keeping in mind the developmental level of a Girl Scout Brownie, determine if the following activities are age appropriate and types of safety issues you need to consider. You will need to refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints for this activity. You should have received a Safety Activity Checkpoints  at your Welcome to Girl Scouts session. Don’t have a copy Safety Activity CheckpointsClick Here to view and print!

Activity Is it Appropriate for Brownies? How many adults do you need to supervise? What safety issues should be considered, if any?
Bicycling on a locak bike trail Y/N    
Archery Y/N    
Swimming Y/N    
Horeseback Riding Y/N    
Going to a museum Y/N    
Nature Hike Y/N    
Meeting time trip to ice-cream shop Y/N    
Troop Meetings Y/N    
Visit a senior citizens home Y/N    

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