3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 9

Meeting 9: Teaching Others with Confidence!

GOAL: Girls educate and inspire others on animal care, building their own confidence along the way.


  1. Girl Scout Daisy Adult Guide
  2. All About Me Nests (one for each girl)
  3. CD Player and music
  4. Any materials and equipment for presentation
  5. Red Robin Awards (one for each girl)

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite girls to display their All About Me Nests so the audience can view them after their Red Robin Project presentation.
  • Gather the girls in a circle and ask them to each say one word to describe how they feel as they are about to present their Red Robin Project.
  • Let them know it takes courage and strength to speak about how to care for animals and that’s what they are doing today!

Presenting the Red Robin Project (p. 93)

  • Have Daisies greet their guests as they arrive. Once the audience has settled, have daisies present their icebreaker “Animal Riddle Poem”. After the audience has guessed the animal riddle, invite announcer to introduce the Project as you’ve prepared.
  • Have girls take their places at their stations and say their lines as practiced.
  • Then invite girls to point the audience to the postcard-making station (if you’ve decided to do one).

Earning the Red Robin Award

  • Bring Daisies together in a circle with their guests around them. Ask girls to say one word that describes how they feel.