3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 8

Meeting 8: What Animals Tell Us

GOAL: Girls strengthen their communication skills as they progress on their Red Robin Project.


  1. Picture of a panda (page 89)
  2. Art materials (crayons and markers)
  3. Team Animal Mural 
  4. 3 Brands of the same flavor yogurts (2 containers of each yogurt brand, one that will be concealed and one that will be displayed)
  5. A box or dark paper to conceal container
  6. Plastic spoons (3 for each girl)
  7. 3 identical bowls or cups in the same color  Poster board
  8. Bookmark-size cardboard
  9. Colored paper or invitation banks
  10. Art materials

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (Panda: Japan/China) (p.89)

  • Gather girls in Daisy Circle and have each girl share one thing about animals and animal care that they’ve learned along this journey.

Animal Advertisers (p. 90)

  • Inform the girls that they are about to participate in a blind taste test to learn about how packaging might make them want or not want certain things. Explain to Daisies that a blindtest is a way to taste things without knowing exactly what they are, so that you decide how much you like them based on taste only.

Creating the Red Robin Project: Using the Power of Animal Advertisers

  • Refresh the girls’ memory on animal advertisers in the last meeting.
  • Explain to the Daisies that advertisers use animals in their ads because many people, including children, find animals cute and appealing.
  • Invite the girls to make posters, bookmarks, a simple handout, invitations, a mural they can cut up and share, or some other means to advertise their project or get an idea across about animal caring.

Practicing the Red Robin Project

  • Let Daisies know that they will present they’re Red Robin Project during the next gathering to the audience they’ve chosen together.
  • This time is allotted for a run-through to make sure each Daisy knows what she will say and do, beginning with the girl or girls presenting the “Animal Riddle Poem” icebreaker, and the girl announcer.
  • Assist the girls with their lines from the script starter on page 81 in the Adult Guide.

Closing Ceremony: My Favorite Animal -  Gather girls in Daisy Circle and have them each name a favorite animal and why they like this animal. Once everyone has had a turn, invite them to finish with a friendship squeeze.