3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 7

Meeting 7: Inspired by Animals

Goal: Girls continue to explore how caring for animals resembles caring for themselves and begin to experience the good feelings that caring gives them.


  1. Pictures of a crane
  2. Art supplies (construction paper, markers, crayons, glue and assorted craft material)
  3. Team Animal Mural
  4. Origami paper or pieces of paper cut into squares (page 53 in Girls Book)
  5. CD player and music Large sheet of paper or poster board
  6. Marker
  7. Art and craft materials
  8. Other props girls may decide on

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (Crane: Japan) (p. 83)

  • Share some fun facts about Japanese cranes.

Origami: Turning Paper into Art (p.84)

  • Guide girls to pages 52-53 in their book and pass out pieces of origami or other square-shaped paper.
  • While girls are working on their origami, you might want to tell them about Florence Temko, an origami expert who taught origami to the world.

Animal Riddle Poem (p. 85)

  • Get the group of Daisies to create a short poem describing an animal, but without saying the animal’s name.
  • Let the girls agree among themselves what animal to choose.

Preparing the Red Robin Project (p. 86)

  • Use this time to let the girls prepare for their project.

Closing Ceremony: Sharing Our Knowledge (p. 87)

  • Gather girls in Daisy Circle so they can each name something they’ve learned about animals from a family member, friend, teacher, or someone or something else…even a story!