3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 6

Meeting 6: A Postcard Is Worth a Thousand Words

GOAL: The girls continue to explore the needs of animals and begin to focus in on specific animal needs in their communities.


  1. Picture of a donkey (page 69)
  2. Fabric scraps and other materials for making a donkey
  3. Postcards or postcard-size pieces of card stock
  4. Art materials (crayons, markers, assorted crafts)
  5. Large sheet of paper
  6. Marker
  7. Team Birdbath

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (Donkey: México) (p. 69)

  • Gather girls in Daisy Circle and inform them that today they will hear about how Zinni visits a farm in Mexico, and proud she feels when she cares for animals.

The Power of a Postcard(p. 71)

  • The girls will get a chance to make picture postcards like the ones Gloria talks about in “Zinni’s Story.” In their postcards, Daisies will draw one important to care for animals.
  • Once the girls have drawn their picture, they will turn the postcard on the opposite side and write a sentence that explains their picture. They will finish by sharing their postcards and their care sharing idea.

The Power of a Postcard, Part 2

  • Girls can use what they’ve learned as part of their Red Robin Project.

Comparing the Caring (p. 73)

  • This will help the girls focus on animals needs in their community. Have a discussion on the many ways they’ve learned to care for animals and the things they learned from the speaker.
  • Also, have Daisies fill out the “Comparing the Caring” chart and have the girls notice the differences and similarities.
  • Gather girls in Daisy Circle and invite them to take turns naming one thing they like about caring for animals.

Closing Ceremony (p. 74)

Refer to p. 75 to for Preparing for the Red Robin Project