3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 5

Meeting 5: Out and About with Animals (Field Trip)

GOAL: Girls learn more about the day-to-day needs of animals in preparation for teaching others about animal care. This will be a good opportunity for girls to see animal care firsthand. With assistance from your Network, arrange a visit to a farm, animal shelter, veterinary office, or any other place where animals receive care


  1. Recorder
  2. Art materials (paper, markers, crayons, glue)
  3. Assorted craft material
  4. Team Animal Mural

Opening Ceremony

  • Form a circle and ask each girl to name one thing that is special about where they are now.

Field Trip

  • Introduce the girls to their host, who will share her work and take questions from the girls.
  • When the time for questions comes, prompt girls using their questions from the brainstorm they engaged in during the last session .

Sounds of Nature Walk (p. 63)

  • Before you take the girls out for a walk, remind them that every animal has its own way of communicating, just like humans. Point out that animals can’t talk like people, so they use sounds and actions to communicate. Also, encourage the girls to listen carefully to the sounds of nature, specifically animals.

Role-Play: What Animal Am I? (p. 64)

  • After their nature walk, get the girls talking about the sounds they heard (if you recorded sounds, this would be a good time to play them back).
  • Invite girls to gather in Daisy Circle and have each girl to imitate an animal she seen or heard while the other girls guess what animal it is.
  • Then have the girls’ team up and act out a scene of an animal doing something or wanting something, as each pair presents the rest of the girls will guess the animals in it and what they are doing or “saying.”

Animals Talk and So Do We (p. 66)

  • Introduce this confidence-building activity by asking the girls to recall some of the many ways animals communicate.
  • Get the girls to use their body language to expression an emotion and then get the girls talking about body language and how it can sometimes change the way they feel.

In the next session, the Daisies will use materials to represent a donkey on the Team Animal Mural. Reach out to your Network for remnants of fake fur, felt, or other fabrics for the donkey’s body.