3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 4

Meeting 4: All Creatures, Great and Special

GOAL: Girls begin to explore how animals, like people, are unique, including in the ways they communicate and move.


  1. A picture of a cheetah
  2. Art materials (crayons, markers, paper, glue, etc.)
  3. Assorted craft materials
  4. Team Animal Mural
  5. Birdbath Awards (one for each girl)
  6. Construction paper or thin cardboard
  7. Three ring binder
  8. Animal pictures
  9. Art materials (glue sticks, scissors, hole punch, crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc.)
  10. Robin the girls made or any image of a robin
  11. Team Birdbath

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (Cheetah: Kenya) (p. 51)


  • Gather Daisies in a circle and have a small discussion on cheetahs and show them what a cheetah looks like.
  • Invite the girls to create a cheetah for their Team Animal Mural. Give the girls the option to draw or make as many cats as they wish, big and little.

Earning the Birdbath Award

  • Have Daisies come together in a circle and inform them that they have earned their Birdbath Award!!!
  •  Have girls go around in a circle and say one way they can care for animals and one way they can care for themselves.

Complete the ceremony by giving each girl a Birdbath Award.

Get Creative: Fantastical Animals Flip Book (p. 54)

  • Introduce this team-building art activity by reminding the girls that all animals are special in their own way, just like people.
  • Ask the girls if they know what unique means and have a small discussion.
  • Inform Daisies that they will team up to make a flip book of unique animal.

Busy Squirrels Song and Dance (p.  56)

  • Get the Daisies up and moving. Introduce the song by singing or chanting it yourself while imitating a squirrel searching, digging and storing nuts for winter.
  • Invite each girl to choose an animal to use in a new version of the song. After each girl has had a chance to imitate an animal, have them review all the animals’ needs and discuss how they might provide them.
  • Remember, telling stories through song and dance gives the girls some practice toward their Red Robin Award.
  • Bring out the paper mache robin the girls created during the first session.
  • Gather them around their Team Birdbath and let them know the red robin is a symbol of how they will fly out, to teach others about the importance of caring for animals.