3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 3

Meeting 3: Tail Tales

GOAL: The girls use their imagination and problem-solving skills as they continue to explore how the needs of animals are similar to their own.

  • Pourquoi(por-kwa) tales are folktales or fictional stories that tell how certain natural phenomena came to be. They were the inspiration for the stories in the girls’ book of how Red Robin and all the flowers came to have their colors.


  • Picture of Red Robin
  • Construction paper
  • Art Materials (markers, glue, crayons and assorted craft materials)
  • Team Animal Mural
  • Strips of colored crepe paper
  • Music and CD player
  • Art materials (paper, markers, crayons, pencils)
  • Team Birdbath
  • Decorating materials (fabric, cotton wool, ribbon, etc.)

Opening Ceremony

  • Invite girls to add something new to their All About Me Nests, this time drawing or photograph brought from home of something they use to care for themselves. If no items were brought have them create something.

Fly, Fly Away

  • Invite Daisies to spread their wings and “fly” like Robin (inside or outside). Moving to music may give the girls good practice toward their Red Robin Award.

Role-Play: Choices, Choices  (p. 48)

  • Have Daisies pair up so they can role-play about making decisions

Closing Ceremony: Animal- Care Ideas

  • Gather girls in Daisy circle to see what’s in their Team Birdbath thus far. Have each girl take out a drawing and say what animal-care idea it represents (if girl has trouble naming it, offer assistance).
  • Inform the girls that next time they gather, they’ll earn their Birdbath plan to ceremoniously place a robin in the Birdbath in the Closing Ceremony, bring the one the girls made in their first session or this session.