3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 11

Meeting 11: The Final Celebration: Celebrate our Learning!

GOAL: Daisies celebrate what they’ve learned and their growing confidence in caring for animals and themselves.


  1. Girl Scout Promise printed on a large sheet of paper
  2. Camera (if you plan to take photos)
  3. Slips of paper (each with animal the girls have met along the journey)
  4. Small or container
  5. Team Animal Mural
  6. Markers and crayons
  7. Presenting the Tula Award (see page 104 in Adult Guide)
  8. Girl Scout Law printed on large sheet of paper

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (p. 105)

  • Girls form an inner circle and ask their guests to form a circle around them. Ask the Daisies to say the Girl Scout Promise and have them repeat it and invite guess to read it from large sheet of paper.

 Animal Riddle Icebreaker (p. 106)

  • Keep guests in circle; explain to them that during this journey the girls have been learning facts about animals from around the world.
  • Have guests pull names, at random, of different animals and have them imitate it in some way (in sound or movement) if guests are stumped have girl jump in and assist.

Presenting the Tula Award (p. 107)

  • Have Daisies line up near the maze. Invite Daisy playing the lead “elephant” to direct her sister Daisies and their guests through the maze. Once they’re through, have the girls invite the guests to sit down or gather around the Team Animal Mural.
  • After the introduction, have each Daisy step forward to give her animal performance and ask, “Can you guess who I am?” Once the audience has guessed, the Daisy will say how caring for animals makes her feel.

Closing Ceremony: The Journey’s End (p. 108)

  • To conclude this special celebration, and the journey, ask the Daisies to come together once more in a Friendship Circle. As with the Opening Ceremony, invite guest to form an outer circle around the Daisies.