3 Cheers for Animals: Meeting 10

Meeting 10: Many Skills to Learn

GOAL: The girls come to understand how caring for themselves, and caring for animals, makes them feel. Special Bonus! Year Long Meeting Plans Page 23


  1. Girl Scout Daisy Adult Guide
  2. Girl Scout Daisy 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for ANIMALS! (Girls Book)
  3. Picture of an elephant
  4. Art materials (construction paper, markers, crayons, glue and assorted crafts)
  5. Team Animal Mural
  6. Bingo cards (one for each girl) (photocopied from page 99 Adult Guide)
  7. Five buttons per girl
  8. A simple obstacle maze
  9. Slips of paper (with the name of an animal on it , two for each girl) Small container for holding them
  10. Paper plates
  11. Art materials (paper plates, craft sticks, glue, other assorted craft materials)
  12. Slips of paper (with each Daisy’s name)

Opening Ceremony: Animals Around the World (Elephant: Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, India) (p. 97)

  • Gather Daisies in a circle and invite each girl to share what she has added to her All About Me Nest.
  • Go into explanation about how the elephant is the national animal of Kenya, South Africa, Thailand and India.
  • Show the girls a picture of an elephant and share some interesting facts. Also invite them to add an elephant to their Team Animal Mural.

Elephant Parade (p. 100)

  • Have Daisies link arms, just like elephants link tails. Each girl will take turns leading the group through the simple maze of obstacles that you’ve set up.
  • After each Daisy has had a chance to be leader, discuss the experience. After the discussion, explain to the girls that they next time they meet will be to celebrate the end of their journey and to earn their Tula Award they will each need to tell their story of how they felt when they taught others about caring for animals with their Red Robin Project.

 Get Creative: Animal Masks (p.101)

  • Remind the Daisies of the many animals Mari saw in Africa. Point out the various sizes, shapes, color, movements and more of the animals they have talked about throughout this journey.

Preparing for the Tula Award and Celebration (p. 102)

  • Invite the girls to volunteer to take a lead role in the presentations at their upcoming journey celebration. If more than three girls volunteer, put their names in a hat or bowl and choose three.

Closing Ceremony: Caring for Animals Makes Me Feel...

  • Gather Daisies in a circle and remind them that at their next meeting they will share with their families how educating and inspiring others to care for animals has made them feel.
  • They will also make a promise to continue caring for animal, so take this time to practice what they will say.