2013 Recognitions

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All recognitions are cumulative and all nut, candy and magazine sales are added to get your total combined sales which determines your prize level

2013 Patches

12 nut or candy items: Be Your Best You patch

3 Magazine Subscriptions: Grow! patch

6 Magazine Subscriptions: Mag Super Seller patch

Complete 1 Address Booklet: 2013-14 patch

Complete Online Goal Setting (12 names): Online patch

Receive 5+ orders for Military: Share patch


2013 Earned Awards

$100 Combined Sales: Eraser Toppers OR Water Bottle

$200 Combined Sales: Stickerzine Album OR Tapefetti Set

$300 Combined Sales: Goal Achiever patch AND Nail Patch Kit OR Small Plush Bee


$400 Combined Sales: Theme Bag OR T-shirt Design Set

$500 Combined Sales: Book Certificate OR Wrist Box Bracelet Kit


$600 Combined Sales: Body Art Kit OR Mini Locker




$800 Combined Sales: Large Plush Bee AND Super Seller patch

$1,000 Combined Sales: $25 Wal-Mart Gift Card

$1,200 Combined Sales: Pailette Lamp